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Travel like the lyrics of a song through history of the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s America - You witness these rags to riches years through eyes which attest to and remember it all.

It Always Works Sometimes

A Novel

by Joel F. Pullen


Read this new novel about two brothers born into poverty in Little Rock Arkansas and growing up during the 1930s Great Depression years and a rather remarkable ending in 1978

          A powerful yet down to earth book about people able to weather the storms of life and with whom you can identify begins in Little Rock, Arkansas in the poverty stricken 1930s and the voice of Laurel Hardy Lubeck maps life as seen during his travel through this Great Depression Era.
          The author has woven a superb tapestry disclosing a paradox, an enigma and a mystery. An axiom, perfectly represented via the title, plus quotes of elegance and the Jimmy Durante Wisdom - "Them's the conditions that prevail." will make you laugh and let you cry.

"Just one of the best books you're liable to read all year!"

" wonderful ride - loved it"

"A great storyteller!"


         This book is a literary saloon - or salon if you like - with stories of card clubs, gambling, hard shell Baptist church going, a beautiful Japanese American friend who almost becomes history, 1940s wrestling life in Los Angeles and medicine.
          If news about recovery from The Great Depression of the 1930s and into the 1940s and 1950s brings up visions of high school, football games, big bands, Tony Bennett or Doris Day records and song lyrics from the past, dating and cool cars, you must be in the over 50 crowd - boomers. Throw in a Southern California beach and you classify as a silver surfer.

      This new authors simplicity in style is a welcome gift. He writes with honesty and has produced a sensitive and moving account of life during the 1930s Great Depression into the 1940s and 1950s then ends the tale with a twist - or does he twist the tail ? - A Paradox, an Enigma, an Axiom and a Mystery. A Novel New Novel. Just waiting for a Sunday Book Review.


Joel F. Pullen is a University of California Irvine Medical School graduate. When not practicing medicine he spends time with his family on a ranch in rural San Luis Obispo County, California growing Pineapple Guava and working on a new novel.



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